by gidilagmedia October 30, 2019


ORide is a motorbike hailing service which happens to be one of several exciting services of the mobile lifestyle payment app, OPay​​.


  • Create/Increase brand awareness and solidarity for ORide​
  • Increase the number of ORides​ booked​ on the OPay​​app
  • Increase OPay​ app​ downloads


  • The Opay app has garnered over 100,000 downloads on both iOS and Android
  • We informed the public about the benefits and brands commitment to safety
  • #RideORide Trended on Twitter and Twitter users joined in the conversations to share their ride experience
  • We created a video tow the line of how time is valuable and should not be wasted
  • The hashtag #RideORide got exactly 1.5Million impression and 500,000 reach
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